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Meadow Williams has made a truly amazing journey in a short period of time. From her humble beginnings on a Tennessee farm, to a successful Hollywood actress, Meadow's character has remained true. Among a sea of working actresses, Meadow is unique; a classic, radiant Los Angeles beauty who retains the humble nature of her country roots.

Meadow's character is an intriguing mix of elegance and humor; glamorous fashion and easygoing Southern charm. Her complex background gives her a deep wellspring of experience to draw upon in her acting and modeling work. Meadow successfully channels her natural talent and diverse life experiences into passionate, sparkling acting performances and lively, dazzling photos that practically leap off the page.

Meadow Williams' career as an actress exploded when she landed roles in the smash hit motion pictures "The Mask" (1994) and "Beverly Hills Cop" (1994). These roles catapulted Meadow to her most recognizable and esteemed on-screen performance: her role as Kevin Bacon's significant other in the Oscar-award winning "Apollo 13" (1995). Meadow's work with Kevin Bacon and legendary director Ron Howard imparted wisdom and insight that elevated her art to an even higher plane; she still incorporates Howard's teachings in her performances today.

Meadow looks forward to continuing to live out her lifelong dream of acting, as she pours her passion into every part she plays. Meadow is also a screenwriter who takes pride in spanning diverse themes and genres. She recently completed a lighthearted surf-themed romantic comedy and a disturbing psychological thriller called The Trophy. Both scripts are slated for production in the near future.

Meadow acts, writes, and produces in Los Angeles.

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